Cleaning to Take Place the Weekend of August 9-10

August 9, 2019 - 3:27pm

Contracted asbestos work continued during the week of August 5 and consisted of the removal of all accessible asbestos and lockdown of any inaccessible material to ensure it remains intact. Throughout the work, each work zone was tested prior to moving to another area to ensure that each work zone passed clearance.

Previously unidentified material, which was not included in the original scope of work, was found on Tuesday, August 6 and was removed on Wednesday, August 7, which meant clearance samples could not be taken until Thursday, August 8. The HVAC was allowed to run all night, to replicate the original baseline air sampling data conditions. Additionally, the same original sample locations and sample numbers were taken. The results of this sampling are expected Friday evening.

Cleaning of Gist Hall, due to inactivity in the building, will occur over the weekend prior to move-in which is still expected to occur Monday, August 12.

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